Specialities for the WTKA All Styles Open World championship 2006


WTKA is a young federation but with strong basis. Working since no longer than 3 years is now between the biggest realities in Karate with 92 countries affiliated and over 1200 athletes participating to his World championship.

Since almost 1 year is working All styles section too that include all the most important martial styles from every country, and now is ready to its first World Championship, that from 23rd to 26th November 2006 will coloured the city of Viareggio, on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

40 Country, 1000 athletes coming from all over the world, many competition's specialities and one big news:


WTKA wish to give to all its members the opportunity to be tested by an International Technical Committee, with masters coming from all over the world at least black belt 6th grade, in a multicultural and fair play contest.

An event inside the event, where will be possible to test your own technical level through a contest with others way of live and feel martial arts.
Each competitor could wear his own martial art dress.
At the end of the exams the certificate will be given, showing the obtained grade.

These the specialities for the WTKA All Styles Open World championship 2006:

Submission wrestling
Free style forms
Traditional forms
Self defence
Self defence scenic
Street self defence
In www.wtkainternational.com web page you can find all the classes and categories.

WTKA is a federation open to exchange. May be the only organization that doesn't ask any affiliation fee to its country members, and above all it is open to all World, European, and National federations. WTKA is honoured to welcome everyone that believe in a free way to live his martial arts passion.


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