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WTKA World Championships


Inserito il 12/10/2005

Dear Sensei, we are proud to announce that with new entry Japan we have reached the 54th participating nation from all 5 continents to the WTKA World Championships.

You might already know that, immediately prior to the start of the event, 2 conferences will be held: one with the delegations’ chiefs and the other one with the referees aiming to define the guidelines for refereeing.

Referees please note that you must take part to the referees meeting on Thursday 24th November at 17.00 o’clock.

Chiefs Delegations please note that you must take part to the chiefs delegations meeting on Thursday 24th November at 18.00 o’clock.

Dress code for this meeting is blue jacket and white shirt.

The WTKA official federation logo (to be applied to the jacket) and the WTKA official tie bearing the federation logo will be distributed on arrival at Sport Hall during the procedures of competitors’ registrations and hotel accommodation.

We also remind you to bring along your national Flag and Anthem’s cd.

Finally you are notified that you can propose an individual member of your delegation to be part in the International Technical Commission (which will supervise the free black belt examinations).

If so you are invited to send over the details of above mentioned including his karate style and his grade (please note that the minimum grade required is 6th Dan).

Very Important: please remember:

The Competitors will be participate to the Championships if they have regular medical certificate attesting competitor’s fitness to the agonistic activity, and regular insurance certificate valids in foreign countries (you can find the format to compile in the web site).

For the competitors –18 years old it is necessary to participate parents authorization (you can find the format to compile in the web site).

Thanks for your attention, I’m looking forward to hearing from you shortly.


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