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International Union For Escrima And Wing Tsun

Inserito il: 11-12-2006
For 25 years we do set the benchmarks in WingTsun and Escrima teachings!

Dear friends from martial arts or martial sports,

a new association took up its work on january 14th 2006, in order to promote the martial arts Wing Tsun and Escrima nationwide as well internationally: the IUEWT - International Union For Escrima & Wing Tsun.
The IUEWT has a firm foundation of a 'longtime sophisticated' experience of almost 30 years in the area of promoting and teaching the martial arts of WingTsun and Escrima. As such over this period of time the benchmarks for high quality teaching were set up by the founding member schools in the old association hemisphere and being continued until today.

With the implementation of WingTsun and Escrima in Europe and the steady growing popularity of these two martial arts also old traditional interpretations of the WingTsun martial art which was handed out to the public by Yip Man were imported as well. The same is limitedly valid for Escrima.

Not only the fact of the manifold of interpretational considerations gives a beginner much headache to pick out the right 'product' but additionally interpretational considerations that have made up successfully the core competency of WingTsun and Escrima for the last decades have been blended more and more together with considerations of fitness and wellness which lead to diminishing of quality in the core competency of 'self defence' on a large scale.

The sector martial art/martial sport becomes more and more a service sector which comes along with pragmatic economical thinking which to make more conscious is our aim. And in order to act successfully in the service sector the core competencies have to be made transparent.

The IUEWT sees its core competency in teaching the martial arts of WingTsun and Escrima as authentically as possible according to these two approaches: Wing Tsun after Leung Ting and Escrima after Rene Latosa.

For this the IUEWT can rely on a field competency which at its top constitutes an experience of 30 years and is also acknowledged as Master: Dai-Sifu Johannes Olbers
The team around Dai-Sifu Olbers is constituted of longtime instructors and teachers what accounts for continuity and longevity of the new association. The IUEWT has set all switches towards expansion and sound growth which will be supported by the lean general concept for administration and teaching. By this it is to consider that the general concept which is valid for Germany might have to be adjusted in other countries because of the influence of of the legislative constraints of the respective country!

The IUEWT does not want to reinnovate the wheel of WingTsun and Escrima - there will be no changing of forms or adds. We do see our aim and intention barely in the sophisticated transition of the principles and concepts of the two martial arts WingTsun and Escrima.
Also in the area of the administrative general concept we do not want to 'revolutionize' when old ways with according adjustments are much better off - according to the motto: not everything old is bad, most of the time it only needs of contemporate adjustment to the new circumstances! This ability of flexibility is supposed to be significant for the IUEWT in order to adjust flexibly to legal or other circumstances in the future.

The ever growing influence of state legislation or other public institutions forces also to a change of thinking for the conducting of traditions within the martial arts/martial sports. Whereas inner european countries have a 100% influence in the sport and leisure sector Germany makes up the exception. The IUEWT orientates less on the exception than on the majorities.

This gave reason to a changed approach towards the presentation and display of so-called 'martial arts traditions'. Because an over-exaggerated conducting (not display!) of so-called 'martial arts traditions' can almost turn into a sectlike demeanor we as an self-proclaimed servicer for teachings of knowledge and abilites do not want to fall back on this just in order to increase profits clandestinely.

The IUEWT will apply the approach of 'minimum tradition' in order not to evoke a wrong negative image in the public through misunderstandings as well as to make the 'mental' access of a larger public audience to these still exotic considered arts more easy. Because also martial arts need to make their way in today's world without any over-exaggerated tradition boost!

Our appropiate servicing approach: a quality service is eligible to an appropiate value! This is common for all servicing areas and the transmission of knowledge and capabilities around WingTsun and Escrima makes no exception. Like described above some countries do prescribe legislative measures so that the adjustment of the IUEWT was no big step. With this we also do want to make us distinct from others that still do live the traditionalism very intensively even when hidden from the visible.

Because IUEWT now finds itself right in the process of building up its structure it is more than obvious that in some places a regular teaching can not be conducted. Despite this all members of the IUEWT do show an enormous portion of enthusiasm and pragmatism in promoting so that we hope in a middle term period to be able to act from a firm market position.

We do also invite existing martial art clubs or martial sport clubs to contact us in order to broaden the scale of martial art offerings in their region. Our concept is more than promising towards a sound and longlasting perspective. Contact person for coutries outside Germany/France: Sifu Marcus Schüssler.

Martial Arts/Combat Sport clubs wanted for cooperation!
We do invite everyone regardless of their martial arts heritage to cooperate with us in any country. We do speak several languages and with our german attitude towards hard diligent work and continuity we are sure to succeed. Our concept is forward-looking and quickly to install.


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